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Мишина Виктория Владимировна, учитель английского языка
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Всероссийская олимпиада школьников
23.02.2015, 23:51


Задание 1. Прочитайте текст и дополните предложения 1-10, выбрав правильный вариант ответа.

There are many stories about dogs. Some stories show that dogs are very clever. Mr. Dick and Mr. Bell were old friends, there were no better friends in the city. Mr. Dick liked dogs, and his dog, Jack, was always with him when he walked in the park. But Mr. Bell did not like dogs.

Every day at five o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Dick walked in the park, because there were trees and other dogs there. One afternoon Mr. Bell came to Mr. Dick’s house. The friends talked about books, the cinema and the theatre, and then they began to talk about animals. Mr. Dick said, “Dogs understand everything and they can speak too”. “Dogs speak?” Mr. Bell smiled and then he began to tell Mr. Dick a funny story about his uncle. He talked and talked. At 5 o’clock Jack ran into the room and sat down in front of Mr. Dick. His eyes said, “Why doesn’t your friend go home? I want to go to the park! Let’s go now!’ Mr. Dick looked at Jack,  then at his guest and then at Jack again. His face said, “But Mr. Bell is my guest, Jack! I can’t tell him to go home!”

Jack ran out of the room, and then he ran into the room again and sat down in front of Mr. Bell. The two friends looked at the dog and began to laugh. There was a hat in Jack’s mouth and it was Mr. Bell’s hat.


1. There are many stories about …

  1. cats.       B) dogs.        C) ducks.

2. Mr. Dick and Mr. Bell were …

  1. old friends.      B) new friends.       C) acquaintances.

3. Mr. Dick liked …

  1. cats.      B) dogs.       C) ducks.

4. Mr. Dick walked in the park at …

            A)  six o’clock.       B) five o’clock.        C) seven o’clock.

5.   At first the friends talked about …

            A) books, the cinema and the theatre.           B) books, the magazines and the theatre

            C) internet, the cinema and the theatre

6. Then they began to talk about …

           A) ladies.      B) children.         C) animals.

7. Mr. Dick told a funny story about …

           A) his aunt.        B) his uncle.        C) the dogs.

8. At 5 o’clock Jack ran into the room and sat down in front of …

           A)  Mr. Dick.       B) the men.       C) Mr. Bell.

9. Bell did not like …

          A) dogs.       B) girls.        C) Mr. Dick.

10. Jack took …

         A) Mr. Dick’s hat.        B) the bone.       C) Mr. Bell’s hat.

Задание 2. Прочитайте  рассказ и решите, какие из утверждений соответствуют содержанию текста (True), не соответствуют (False) или  об этом нет точной информации (Not said).


- Hi Daniel! Shall we go to the cinema on Saturday? I want to see the new James Bond film.

- I can’t go on Saturday, Carl. I’m helping my Dad in his shop. But I’m not working on Sunday. Let’s go on Sunday afternoon.

- Oh, on Sunday afternoon I’m going with my Mum and Dad to see my Grandma and Grandpa. They have moved into a new house.

- Let’s meet on Monday after school. We can have a burger and a coke at the local cafe, and then see the film at six o’clock.

- Okay, that’s a good idea. If there is no room to see the James Bond film, we could see the new Pirates film instead. My friend told me it’s very exciting.

- Right, we’ll go on our bikes. I’ll meet you at five o’clock.


11. Carl tells Daniel he wants to go to the stadium.



B) False

C) Not said

12. Daniel will be busy on Saturday.



B) False

C) Not said

13. Daniel has to do a lot of work on Sunday.



B) False

C) Not said

14. Carl’s Grandma and Grandpa are happy in their new house.



B) False

C) Not said

15. Daniel and Carl go to the same school.



B) False

C) Not said

16. Daniel says they can buy fast food at the local cafe.



B) False

C) Not said

17. The local cafe sells ice cream.



B) False

C) Not said

18. The film starts at five o’clock.



B) False

C) Not said

19. They plan to see the new Pirates film if there are no tickets for the James Bond film.



B) False

C) Not said

20.  Carl and Daniel have bikes.



B) False

C) Not said


Задание 1. Дополните предложения 1-10, выбрав правильный вариант ответа.

1. My book is dull, ... is very interesting.

      A) you       B) your       C) yours


2. The pupils played ... after school.

        A) hockey        B) the hockey          C) in hockey


3. She is fond of listening ... .

         A) music        B) to music          C) by music


4. Many pupils go ... by a school bus.

        A) home        B) to home       C) to the home


5. He ... the book at home.

        A) forget        B) stayed       C) left


6. Look! It ... .

       A) snows      B) snowed        C) is snowing


7. ... you ... the film before?

        A) Do...see        B) Did...saw       C) Have...seen


8. I have been ill ... three weeks.

       A) for       B) since         С) from


9. There were only ... people in the park.

        A) a few        B) little       C) many


10. Would you like ... your holidays in Egypt?

       A) spending       B) to spend       C) to spending


Задание 2.  Дополните диалоги 11-20, выбрав нужную реплику.


11.  Hello! How are you?

       A) I’m an engineer.       B) Pleased to meet you.        C) Fine, thanks. And you?


12. Would you like some crisps?

        A) No, please.         B) No, thanks.           C) No, okay.


13. What does she do? She ... .

        A) does secretary       B) is a secretary         C) is cooking


14. We are late for the football match.

        A) Hurry up!        B) Yes, I’m playing football.        C) What date is it?


15. Excuse me, what’s the time, please?

       A) I’m late.         B) I don’t have time.        C) Sorry, I don’t have a watch.


16. Good morning, madam! Can I help you?

      A) Yes, please!        B) Yes, I like it!        C) No, I don’t.


17. Let’s stay at home and watch TV tonight.

         A) OK! What’s on?       B) Let’s go!         C) Do it!


18. I didn’t pass my English exam.

        A) Do you?        B) Well, I do.         C) I’m sorry!


19. Good-bye!

         A) Fine, thank you!        B) Bye!        C) Hello!


20. What is the weather like today?

       A) Yes, I like it.         B) Yes, it is.          C) It is fine.



Задание. Вы собираетесь поехать в международный летний лагерь. Вам необходимо заполнить анкету.

Name (1)



Surname (2)



Nationality (3)



Date of Birth (day/month/year) (4)



Your family (5)



Have you got any pets? (6)



What is your favorite colour? (7)



What is your favourite season? (8)



What is your favourite sport? (9)



What are your hobbies? (10)




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